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Are you interested in owning a successful and unique shop poised to take the sandwich sector by storm and backed by strong support? Then this could be the opportunity you’ve been craving!

Hot Dog! We’re On A Roll

Founders Artin and Sarah Davoodi first began the Grandma Loves You business in Germany as a convenience store in 2015. They then moved over to Canada in 2018 to share all of their delicious eats with the other side of the world opening the now-famous original location in 2019. Over time the shop became more focused on its renowned sandwiches and hotdogs and dropped the general store altogether. 

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Lettuce Show You!

Taking Lunch And Your Life To The Next Level

We are pioneering a lane of our own in the fast, affordable, gourmet deli market by offering hand-crafted and always fresh fares combined with exceptional customer experience and strong brand identity. You won’t find our one-of-a-kind products and inviting environment anywhere else!

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