About Us

Grandma Loves You isn’t just any other
sandwich shop.

 It’s not just subs. It’s not just Italian. We’re totally unique, breaking down barriers with inventive recipes and combinations on the leading edge of the deli industry. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that we have consistently been rated one of the best sandwich and hot dog shops in all of Canada. 

We’re ready to redefine sandwich franchises with a gourmet and innovative menu

a completely unparalleled approach to serving up super fresh fares loaded with flavour in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Grandma Loves You concept is all about thoughtfully providing a truly unique experience for each customer with the first Bite! 


We want to give others the opportunity to experience our rewarding and profitable business model. Using our established systems and proven processes, our turnkey concept sets investors up for success!

Any motivated franchisee candidate can grasp the Grandma Loves You system with our expert training, support and guidance. With the vision to appreciate the menu and personality of Grandma Loves You, franchisees can easily build a great business and have a lot of fun doing it!

Hot Dog! We’re On A Roll

Founders Artin and Sarah Davoodi first began the Grandma Loves You business in Germany as a convenience store in 2015. They then moved over to Canada in 2018 to share all of their delicious eats with the other side of the world opening the now-famous original location in 2019. Over time the shop became more focused on its renowned sandwiches and hotdogs and dropped the general store altogether. 

Grandma Loves You prides itself on having something for everyone, including gluten-free, vegan subs, vegetarian sandwiches, and homemade dairy-free sauces. The bestseller Subs are served on handmade bread baked fresh daily and the sandwiches are on the specialty German Rye. They also serve amazing desserts like Grandma’s Special Sweet Croissants and Chocolate Bar Milkshakes! Having quickly become a cult classic in Toronto, Ontario, Grandma Loves You is searching for other passionate entrepreneurs to invest in the unique brand and philosophy!

Our built-in customer base is hungry for more locations across Canada and we’re ready to really deliver.